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12 Years of Experience

The Supermodels Always Bring Their Flawless Festival Style to Rio

AGH Golf

Ashley Harris is a professional golfer and has suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis since he was a teenager, the disease not only started to have a bigger and bigger impact on him physically as it spread throughout his joints, but it also affected him mentally. Ashley began to miss college activities and stopped seeing his friends. Not long after this he started gambling, at the time it was an innocent diversion from what was a difficult life. As a child Ashley enjoyed playing golf with his grandfather, he re-discovered this passion when he started building his life back up and soon played in his first Disabled Golf Association event, since then he hasn’t looked back and is now an ambassador for the Emil Foundation in the Czech Republic and is training to develop and grow his skills as a golfer.

Ashley approached Peardrop Creative about building a website to promote his career, we took on this project pro-bono. As part of the website build we designed his logo and tried to make as much of the website as possible automated in regards to updating events and videos. You can view the website for AGH Golf here.

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