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12 Years of Experience


The Supermodels Always Bring Their Flawless Festival Style to Rio

Fiat and Ferrari are both cars, but you remember seeing one, more than the other. The same goes for the content your business shares.

All content is important, but some content is definitely more important than others.

A key visual or defined style forms the cornerstone of your content which your business couldn’t do without; it gets more traffic and converts.

It grabs attention and puts you in pole position in your customer’s mind.

So get in touch and we can talk about how to elevate your visual style.

I’ve spent many years building up my creative editing portfolio, it’s something i am incredibly passionate about – I always go above and beyond to deliver what the client is looking for – hopefully, you can see that in my portfolio.

My Creative Retouching focuses on Campaigns, Look-books, Fashion Editorials and so on, for both brands and photographers.

I also appreciate that sometimes 9-5 sometimes doesn’t fit the creative industry and a photographers schedule so I offer a per image tariff for this form of photo editing. Depending on the project size i aim to get these back to you the following day or even the same day.

“E-commerce Retouching” typically refers to editing model photography on a plain background and garment still life for the use of e-commerce, this also includes ghost mannequin cutouts. I do work on other forms of E-commerce, for example, simple flat lays however anything creative and requiring more work might be considered “creative retouching”. I work on a simple day rate tariff for this type of work.

I work with many talented headshot and portrait photographers across the globe to edit their clients in a natural way, especially in regards to skin. Most of those featured on my Headshots page are actors or corporate headshots – so i want to stay true to the subject as much as possible whilst allowing them to look at their very best!

+1 35 1481 527